Aayushi is a 10-year-old girl from Mumbai. Her mother, Amita Mishra and I have been friends from our University days.

What I liked most about Aayushi’s writing was that it had a unique style. I re-read some lines and was surprised at some of the poignant points she raised. Well done Aayushi! Keep writing and am sure your parents are already proud of you. And, I would definitely like to meet you some day.

And here is what Aayushi wrote:

Children do mistakes, everyone does;

Elders wonder what children ponder with rage, after they do a mistake.

So I’m here to reveal that secret, so think, think, think

What I’m going to say

You shall be surprised what I ponder all day!

I do make mistakes, but do not think if I’m a silly girl

You’re not a parent, nor am I

What do your parents do when reach a pitch and you wail?

Do they smile, they scold or hit you with a stick?

My parents do not do such a thing at all.

They ground me that means they give me punishment such as no games, no play and what is left is study all day.

If I were a parent, my grounding rules would be study moderate, eat moderate, play all day and… MANNERS?

Well that too not be a goody- two-shoes at all

So, this is my History, Civics, Geography, and I’m in a hurry to know about yours!


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