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Dear friends,

Welcome back to the 2021 Summer edition of Kidly Friendly!

I’m sure you all have been waiting for a long time for this edition, just like me J

Now, can you guess why is 10th of July important?

You don’t know?? Let me tell you. 10th of July is …


And just like our looks change as we grow up; our logo looks different now:

Kidly Friendly thanks all children and youth who contributed in 2020. The journey in 2020 only became more interesting because of you. Some of you are continuing this journey, making the voyage this year, equally full of fun. We welcome new contributors on board who shall add new flavor and zing to all the content that we shall present in the holidays this year. Most importantly, let’s do it together safely and with kindness to the world around us, the world we are in. Happy Kidly Friendly July Edition Reading.

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