Sometimes our aspirations for our children don’t match with what they have in mind. This blog captures a small boy questioning his mother, who wants to send her kids to the west for further education:

“Mamma, what will Santa Claus give me this year?”

“Ask for something not expensive, my dear.”

“What does ‘Expuhseev’ mean my dear mum?”

“When we have to give away a lot of money to buy something!” sighed the mum with a glum

“Is that not good, mamma? But it makes me glad.”


“If we had been in the West, we could have had

Saved the money we spend on your school and college fees

And not bothered about the medical expenses, which sting us like a million bees

So we try and save every money that could possibly be an unnecessary expense

To control the urge to overspend, we build in our minds an imaginary fence

That controls us and help us save

For your careers and a bright future, a path it helps us pave.”


“But mamma, why is it not north, south or east, why only the West?

Is it because the sun sets in the west? Does that necessarily make it the best?

Is it because they have more daylight that works in their favor?

If we go there will it makes us stronger, intelligent and braver?”


“No honey, my child you will become what you want to become, no matter where you go

The West has good education to offer, and opportunities much much more

When you earn in dollar or the Euro or the pound

And convert it into our currency, the difference will be found

You will see with the same effort you can earn 70 times or more

For a medical expense here, you would be paying many times more.”


“I know mamma, you are making a difficult choice

In trying to plan a future for us, both your boys

So I will not ask you to buy anymore toys

I promise not to make any more of a noise

Santa is rich and powerful too,

He can easily in our problem, see us through

Maybe I can ask him to buy something small this time and even in the years to come

And with the remaining money, make the education and medical expenses less of a headache for some

I want to hold your wrinkling hands when you grow old just like grandma did

And scold you to take your medicines if you gave them a skip

Just like Papa, I want to do a 9 to 5 job

And come back home every day to watch my favorite Sponge Bob.”


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