From the Editor’s Tab

Dear friends,

This week, Kidly Friendly focuses on Creativity. Creativity in various forms.

Music is a beautiful form of creativity. Music has no language and yet it is a universal language. Music is understood by all and good music is appreciated by all.

Meet Child Prodigies, Yoyoka from Japan and Truptraj Pandya from India and embark on a melodious sojourn this week.

Ishika introduces us to Kathak, an Indian dance form with history and elegance.

Hargun shows that home is where creativity can take shape with beautiful home-made crayons.

View art from the canvases of Deepitha and Ishaan and stencils of Risha, and digitally from the Editor, herself 🙂

Read the poetry of the Season by Soham and an engrossing story by Chris.

Drink the Humourtonic with some jokes and check your answers to last week’s puzzles.

Last, but not the least, check out some cool contests!

Have a lovely week ahead,

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